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"Reaching Out Child Abuse Monument"
Sculptor: Michael C. Irving, Ph.D.


Please help the children
of this world.

They are hurt and hurting
and are crushed beneath the weight
of our insanity.
Please bless the children
and awaken us
before it is too late.


By Marianne Williamson
Contributed by Sallie



Your life was fleeting,
but my love for you was not.
Although I never had the
chance to know you,
You will never be forgotten.
I will always love you.


"Reaching Out Monument"
Memorial for Katelynn Sampson



I come not to discuss my life experience
but rather to bring awareness of the impact
that abuse has on a person, especially on a child.
Abuse shatters dreams
it causes one to despair, not knowing where to turn.
Emotional, mental, physical and sexual
None of them easy.
A child needs nurturing
reassurance that everything will be okay.
A child looks for a sense of security
But instead her trust is betrayed.
Why should a child be weighed down by such a horrific experience.
Who will be guiding this child
towards a happy and successful life.
Unfair, to say the least
what are we doing to show our innocent children
that they are safe.

What difference are you willing to make?
will you open your heart or will you turn the other way?
It takes a tremendously strong spirit to bear all its pressures





I want people to see
People must see
With eyes wide open
People must see
how many children have been hurt
the long lasting effects of abuse
that children must be free and have wings to fly
that children must have hope and security to grow
that children must have courage and not be afraid to live

People MUST see
With eyes wide open.





If hate is the cause
What is the cure
for a heart
that has been ravaged
and raped
and learned not to trust
the heart of another?

Love is the answer,
the healing balm
that knows no limits
that can see beyond
the brokeness
that can instill trust
and faith in goodness
once again.

This love is
patient and true.

This is the greatest gift
we can give one another.
It is the gift of healing.
It is the gift of wholeness.
It is the gift of integration
and maturity.
It is the gift of friendship.
It is precious,
It is priceless
And it is ours to give
or to withhold.
It is our choice.
So who is worthy
of this gift of love?

Do we decide?
Do we judge?
Who is worthy and who is not?

And who made us God B
to make such a choice
to judge another
as worthy or unworthy of our love?

And was I there
when their heart was afflicted?
or scourged?
or raped?
or stabbed?
or devoured
by the enemies of love and life?

And can I feel
what they feel?
What they felt?
for I am not them
and they are not me.

So all the more reason
for me to keep my peace
on something I do not know.
For there is an honesty
in admitting that we do not know
nor can we feel the pain of another.

But there is a warmth and understanding
in a gentle touch
a gentle word,
a listening and caring heart.

This I can offer
This I will offer
This I will not withhold
for it brings strength
and comforts a grieving, suffering heart
telling them they are not alone.

It is time.
It is time for us to care
for the broken hearted
the bruised and battered heart
the heart that bleeds without ceasing
the heart that needs us.

Let us rise up in unity
in oneness and say

Let us rise up and say

Let us rise up and say
This is not acceptable
Justice shall prevail

and we shall learn
to love and care for another
and in this way
create a better world
to live in




We children are equal members of our community and as such have the same basic rights as adults. We are not able to exercise our rights because of our vulnerability.

Thus, we deserve and are entitled to have access to adults who will:
      • love me unconditionally, respect & validate me for who I am;
      • listen to me on many levels because I speak with more than my mouth. I speak with my emotions, my body, my behaviour, my intellect, my heart, my soul and my spirit;
      • feed me, clothe me, keep me warm and safe, let me play, have friends, know happiness & fun;
      • encourage & help me to learn in every healthy possible way;
      • protect me and let me be free from abuse;
      • assist me in having my rights protected.
I need to be taken seriously. I have a right to privacy and a right to feel and express a range of emotions.

We children expect all adults to be responsible for their actions. We expect adults to hold one another accountable for their behaviours and to follow through with the protecting and upholding of our rights.

Don’t just tell us that we are your most valuable resource and future - prove it!
      • In the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the United Nations has proclaimed that childhood is entitled to special care and assistance,
      • Convinced that the family, as the fundamental group of society and the natural environment for the growth and well-being of all its members and particularly children, should be afforded the necessary protection and assistance so that it can fully assume its responsibilities within the community,
      • Recognizing that the child, for the full and harmonious development of his or her personality, should grow up in a family environment, in an atmosphere of happiness, love and understanding,
      • Considering that the child should be fully prepared to live an individual life in society, and brought up in the spirit of the ideals proclaimed in the Charter of the United Nations, and in particular in the spirit of peace, dignity, tolerance, freedom, equality and solidarity,



Discussion - Defining the Rights of Children

All children are sexual beings and people. They have a right to have their basic needs met. They have the right to be who they are.

All children have the right to be loved, to be safe, to be listened to. They have to right to play, and to enjoy happiness and fun. They have the right to a social life, to an education, to make choices.

They are never too young to learn in an appropriate, loving way. Children have a right to validation, and to an advocate.



Why Rights are Important
Children are equal members of our community and have the same basic rights as adults. They are not able to fully exercise their rights, because of their vulnerability. Therefore they deserve/are entitled to additional rights. “Listen to me when I say I need help. I count. Love me.”

How do we tackle denial
and ignorance?

  • By establishing accountability by and for everyone to protect children and ensure their safety.
  • By listening to children.
  • By putting children’s rights on a public agenda.
  • By making the topic of abuse “not taboo”.
  • By not tolerating secrets.
  • “By listening to me on many levels because I speak with more than my mouth.”



Children’s Rights
All children have the right to be free from abuse.

The rights of all children must be protected and enforced.

All children have the right to recovery. They have a right to privacy, to feel and express a range of emotions. They have a right to nourishment, to receive unconditional love, and to be taken seriously.



Why are Rights Important?
Adults who aren’t protected as children need a lot from society. One child being abused is one too many. Society cannot tolerate this.

Children are vulnerable. How do we educate the public from a child’s point of view? Children need to know their rights about their own bodies. They are our most valuable resource.




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Kids are people too!





Children have rights too!
Stop the abuse!





Children are a privilege...
...not a right!
that are abused...
...will be lost!
Stop the violence
help the children.





All people should be free
from abuse,
like a bird
free from a cage.
Hanna, age 9


UN Convention on
the Rights of the Child



Never give up on your
rights to be treated with
love and respect.
Please be strong and
brave and tell someone
who can help stop the
Now is the time to heal.
My prayers are with you all.
Cindy and
my precious son Isiah





Every child deserves
Unconditional love.





Don’t abuse your kids.
Stop and give a hand.
Kids have feelings.
Don’t because kids are


Child Abuse Network



I think partens should
not have the right to
hit a child.
Kaitlyn, age 11.





I never went to school
because the kids made
fun of me and my mom
and dad was working,
so I stayed at home
and watched the kids.





It abuses children's
I hate it!
Zachary, age 11





Everyone has the right
to smile all the time.
Be good to your children.
Remember they are the
best link to the future
and will be there in the
end for their children.
I want my children
to say Hi to their great

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*All Rights Reserved
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