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What to do in a crisis

The following are some ideas for the kinds of things that may go on a "What to do in a crisis" list. These are not presented as comprehensive lists and they are not the right list for any one particular person.

It is important for you to come up with you own personalized coping strategy lists.

Primal Scream

Broken shards of glass... broken mind, spirit, soul;
In my solitude I lie crying,
No I cannot cry,
There’s nothing to cry for.

My soul is empty
My heart is closed
I hide behind life, life as barren as my dreams,
Life as vile as demons in the night.

Should I cry? ...
No not tonight
In my anger I hide
In myself I anger.

As chaotic as the churning sea
And I feel sick to my stomach.

Wrapped around rage
Angry me ... Ugly me... All I touch is vile;
Perhaps I will just go away.

Letting go ... Perhaps
But that’s not really me.

I am tormented by myself, by life, by dreams.
Who am I, I don’t really know
My mind, my body, spirit, soul
has been broken,
Broken shards of glass, splintering my soul.





My spirit is lost
But a light still flickers
Into the confines of
The virgin-child’s mind.
Waves of emotion
Slam into focus
As reality storms in.
It is the forbidden darkness
That I am drowning in.
I know there is light,
Just a tiny spark is seen.
Is my spirit there?






From hell to here
Chains of isolation...alone...disappearing
Drowning in abuse
Fighting to emerge...gasping...breathless
Wishing to die

Awakened by life
Reaching upward through hope
Holding fast...courage my guide

Today I journey is only beginning






See me
I’m me, not you
Though as a child
I didn’t know
where I ended
and you began.

I’m your daughter
I’m your sister
I’m not a sex object
See me,
I’m me, not you.

See me
I am a beautiful child
Bright and pure
In order to escape your eyes
I had to leave my body
With you,
While I had to go somewhere else
Into blackness, scary but safe.

I can be part of this tree
Hidden in its curves and lines
No one can see me
I am covered and held
Here I am safe enough
to close my eyes
to sleep.


All that is left is me
and that's enough.




Managing A Crisis

What To Do In a Crisis is probably the most important list you can have. When you are feeling overwhelmed is the most difficult time to know what you should do to stabilize.

Managing a crisis is about lowering the degree of suffering you are in and reconnecting with some form of empowerment and hope. You do not have to continue to suffer.

The worst thing you faced was the original abuse and you made it through that. Now you can find a way to manage the memories and flashbacks that occur.

Using your personal ways of grounding and turing to other people art important at times of crisis. You do not have to be alone with your despair. You can call a friend, support group member or therapist.

If you cannot contact someone in your personal support system, call a crisis line, distress centre or help phone.

Have help and crisis line phone numbers on your crisis list. If you do not have a support line you have used before, look in the front of the phone book or check our CRISIS LINE LISTINGS PAGE.



One of the most important items on a crisis list is the directive to “GO BACK TO THE TOP OF THIS LIST.” This instruction is telling you there is hope and that you just need to review your crisis list another time to find something that will help you right now.

You manage a crisis by working towards grounding and getting back into the here and now. To ground and return to the present when you are upset you often requires doing something about overwhelming feelings from the past.

Feelings are managed by processing them and letting them go, by burning up enough stress associated with the feelings, by getting nurture and understanding that assists with healing and repatterning.or by finding some form of distraction.

These are each different responses and they are each good responses in their own time. Often a crisis is managed by employing a combination of coping and healing strategies.

A crisis can help clarify and bring to a head certain emotional issues and personality patterns that one avoids because of the severity of trauma and buried pain associated with concern. Therapy sessions or personal processing of issues can be a quite beneficial element of managing a crisis.



LIST #4 Make Yourself a List of "What to do in a crisis"

      • Phone my therapist.
      • Phone a friend.
      • See my support person or sponsor.
      • Breathe deeply.
      • Count to 100.
      • Remind yourself of your location, the time, the date.
      • Put a clock or calendar near you to help with being oriented.
      • Look around the room.
      • Find a comfortable or safe location.
      • Go for a fast walk.
      • Punch a pillow.
      • Remind myself of my accomplishments.
      • Look a photo albums of good times.
      • Make a therapy appointment.
      • Take a day off.
      • Go to work.
      • Find comfort, healing or understanding on the Survivor Monument web site.
      • Read a self help book.
      • Read a good novel.
      • Read trash fiction.
      • Watch TV.
      • Rent a Movie.
      • Organize or clean the house.
      • Eat comfort food.
      • Exercise real hard.
      • Meditate.
      • Listen to Meditation Music
      • Do yoga.
      • Paint.
      • Sculpt.
      • Pound clay.
      • Bake.
      • Write in my journal.
      • Cry for awhile.
      • Swear or mumble giberish to let go
      • Call a crisis line.
      • Go back to the top of this list

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    Quilt Square
    Meditation Pools


"Follow Site Web Ring"

I'm having a flashback to when I used to have feelings!
Julie Atwood


Big or Small,
Don't Fall,
The Pain is Worse
On the Inside.


It happened when
I was 10…
now I’m 31…
And still feel it
as if it happened


If we don't speak out
on one knows that
something is wrong!
Believe me.
Hear me.
See me.
I need help from U!


Be strong in the telling.


Always remember
someone cares.


Hands coming together
to help each other.
Coming together to help
each other heal…


I can!
I can!
I can!
I did Survive.
To my loving husband,
Mark, who always
believes in me....


Abused at age 10,
still suffering.
Please help
STOP child abuse.
Tye, age 27


With time -
everything heals.
Be strong for yourself
Love yourself!!
Take one day at a time.

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*All Rights Reserved
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*All Rights Reserved
copyright (1991-2012)