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"Reaching Out Child Abuse Monument"
Sculptor: Michael C. Irving, Ph.D.


No Answers

He said, “Come with me.”
And I went there,
Did I have to?
Did I want to?
There were no answers
There are no answers
It was a secret
Not to be shared.

I am a spirit on a human journey
In the endless labyrinth of time
Pursuing life, the ultimate puzzle
A circle in space. The dance of life
Whose music leads me on.

Forgiveness is freedom
My hand is old
As are the memories
Of the child forever young.
My secret self,
I wept for her.
Forgiveness is peace
I am whole











The young full of fear
in the ugly Pleasures of Wolves
I look for love
The need to belong in the Pack
Blind walls of innocence.
The baby’s Death Blood they bring me.
Rage, hate, anger in me.
For the whole babe is mine in me.











All alone.
“Why?” she cried
In anger.
She died too late,
No one saved her.
Milk money,
None for her.
She loved,
She hated.
Always “why?”
Too much, too late.
Her blood soaked panties;
Hot rage she fought
Always “why?”
Too much, too late.
She died too late.
Between love and hate.






He said:
"Tell no one – they wouldn't understand."
And then my young heart knew that something was wrong
But how could he be wrong.
My father's friend, my teacher and my idol?
Well, he couldn't be, so it must be me.
Now years later, I fully understand
The games he played with my body and my head
Yet still, I tell no one as I'd been warned.
Many would not want to know
What happened to me years ago
And the law counsels me as to what I should say
So that reputations untarnished lay
And I, just try to heal.






We need the justice System
To stamp on their feet
Bring back the child
We love so deep.
Do not ignore our cry
For help, help us heal
Our wounded heart.
For it is you that needs
To listen, Do Not Disturb







Why does dad touch me so?
Why does mom neglect?
Do you think so little?
What is a child?
How do you, your flesh and blood.
What do I do to deserve day and night?
Isn’t a child a gift?
Is that what is done to gifts from God?
Take care
You will answer
There is the law
and God himself






Everyone has a personal responsibility to protect our children, not only to uphold their rights, but for the benefit of all members of society.

The laws on child abuse are primarily a provincial jurisdiction.

These laws are necessary as a measure of protection for children from all forms of abuse.

People who commit crimes against children should be punished to the same degree if not higher, as for the same crime against an adult, due to the vulnerability of children.

Section 43 is a federal regulation which allows for the physical hurting of children as a form of discipline. This regulation, when referred to in courts of law, has allowed for the condoning of brutal treatments of children. The law needs to be changed!

Through schools and the media children need to be informed about child abuse, their rights and where to turn for help.

Canada is a signatory on the U.N. Convention on the Rights of the Child. These Rights have not been fully implemented. It is time to put these Children's Rights into practical and effective policies, laws and services.

If you suspect a child is being abused, please call your local child protection agency or the police. You don’t need proof and you can call anonymously.





Discussion - Laws Applying to Child Abuse

The public needs to know what the laws pertaining to child abuse are. They need to know what to do if a child discloses abuse, and when to call the police or other helping agencies. They need to know what to look for, to suspect, expect or know. What are the warning signs of abuse? People are often afraid to report abuse. Misinformation is common.

We need a process to help children become aware of and to understand the laws pertaining to abuse. These laws need to protect children first, not their families. They need to protect children from the onset. The laws must set standards for protection of children.

In Canada, the laws on child abuse are primarily a provincial jurisdiction. These laws are necessary as a measure of protection for children from all forms of abuse.




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I died at the hands of cruel and unusal punishment!
Julie Atwood



Child abuse affects
children of all voters!



Help kids live.
Stop the violence.



Every life counts.



I feel that we should
have all the people who
abuse children be
put behind bars (Jail)
for life!
J.F. age 16



It took 40 years of fear
before I was set free.



Spanking is not
Raise a hand to a child
only to hold and love
Abuse hurts!
Stop the hurt!



Reach Out to Parents
and caregivers.
No parent should feel
No child should be



Stop child abuse



Because every child
deserves to smile



I don't like when
people hit other.



I think it is scary!
Myles, age 11



Don't let the anger and
mistake pass on!!!

Care for them,
don't abuse them!
Make a new generation.



Please stop the violence
and the wars.

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*All Rights Reserved
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