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"Reaching Out" Lauch and Unveiling
Drum March to Break the Silence and Cycle
"Reaching Out" as Awareness Catalyst
Expectation of Change

Long-Term Commitment



The Child Abuse Monument has been a beacon on several Child Abuse and Neglect Prevention Months in Toronto.



Fountain of Youth

Fountain of youth
Help us speak the truth.

My pain inside is so real
Fountain of youth, help me heal.

Use your voice that's what it's for.
Speak your mind and thank the Lord.
Time will heal your precious heart
Break the silence and make a new start.





of my childhood
is todays WOMAN










As Parents you kept your
children safe from the evil
that haunted your lives,
Mom and Dad thank you
for teaching me to love.




My father was abused and I
wasn't. The cycle stopped.
The dawn of a new generation,
The dawn of new hope.
Let tommorow's sun set
on an era of peace.









Can I be brave enough to speak now?
Do you see me? Will you hear me?
Can I learn to sing?
Will I speak the name?
I have been silent so long
But I am a survivor
I am not dead.
I live.








Dear Jackson

Don’t ever forget my love
I do this for you more than for me
We were so very little
You more innocent than me
I still see your beautiful eyes,
dancing, still light & joy there,
mine already gone.
I’m so sorry Jackson
little 5 year old boy,
Your memory will be made immortal now





Left to right:
Jeanette Lewis, Executive Director of Ontario
Association of Children's Aid Societies;
Michael C. Irving, Ph.D., Artistic Director of
Survivor Monument Project;
Ken Dryden, President,
Toronto Maple Leafs.

Launching the first Child Abuse
and Neglect Prevention Month of the
new millennium, October 1, 2001
at the Galleria of Air Canada Centre
with one of the "Reaching Out" figures
in the background.

Stand Up for Kids Award

Dr. Michael Irving receives the Stand Up for Kids Award from the Toronto Children's Aid Societies at the Launch of Child Abuse Awareness Month in October of 2007. The Award was presented to Dr. Irving my Toronto Mayor Divid Miller.


The objectives of the Child Abuse and Neglect Prevention Month is to educate the Canadian public and service organizations on issues of child abuse and neglect, child abuse and neglect prevention. Local and national agencies, professional bodies, individuals, community groups and the media can highlight and rally around concerns related to child abuse and neglect. The Survivor Monument Project also has a commitment to concerns related to the recovery process and needs for adult victims of child abuse.



Drum March to Break the Silence and Cycle

The Toronto Intergenerational Partnerships has in conjunction with the Child Abuse Survivor Monument Project and the Air Canada Centre organized an Annual March of Drums -- Break the Silence and the Cycle of Child Abuse -- to make drums, march and drum together and support the fight against child abuse, culminating at the Air Canada Centre in a presentation of hand outlines and messages for inclusion in the "Reaching Out" Monument.

Expectation of Change

There is much reason for hope in expecting child abuse and child sexual abuse concerns to improve. When viewed historically, the twentieth century has seen changes of revolutionary and unprecedented proportions in the improved treatment and care of children.

"Wasting away," or death by emotional neglect, was at one time in Europe the reason for half of child deaths before the age of two and in this century has nearly vanished.

Junkets for the procurement of child sex are internationally becoming legislated crimes that cannot hide behind the crossing of national borders.

Children are no longer seen as property, and social attitudes have made the protection of children a priority.

There is still a great distance that we have to go to see the universal safety and well being of children a reality. Children do get physically and sexually abused today.

Education, public awareness and social pressure are likely going to be the most effective actions to abolish the lingering scourge of child abuse.



Impact of Awareness

Changing public perception and attitudes about child abuse can have a significant impact on the degree of eventual wounds associated with being sexually abused.

Clinical work and research has shown that there is more likelihood of healthy recovery and resiliency when there is acknowledgment of the wrong committed and validation of the innocence of the victim by those around them -- family and community alike.

A direct negative response is seen in increased symptoms when the child sexual abuse victim is ignored, shunned, blamed or confronted with denial. The degree of blaming the victim can have a greater impact on the wounding of sexual assault than the initial sexual violation itself. Blaming and denial hurts and is highly unfair.

When people are more knowledgeable about the issues of abuse an informed response can honestly and compassionately say to a victim, "I'm sorry this happened. It's not your fault. You did not deserve it."

An authentic concern can do much to turn around the violation of a terrible wrong. Becoming aware and knowing how to respond appropriately is society's responsibility in helping to alleviate the degree of the wounds resulting from child abuse.



Long-Term Commitment

Much concerted effort is required to educate the public on the concerns of child abuse and child sexual abuse. Clarifying misunderstandings and prejudices is going to take repeated efforts. The enormous need for public education on abuse issues calls out for an Annual Child Abuse Awareness Month.
"Follow Site Web Ring"


It is my business.
Stop the violence.
One hundred years
From now it won't
make a difference
how many things I had -
But , the world may be
a better place because
I was important
in the life of a child...


We can help too.
Kids helping kids.
Stop the abuse!
A kids hand helping
to stop another kid
from hurting.


Lend out a hand and
let's stop the abuse!!


Add your HandPrint
to preventing child abuse.


We must all help
to stop childe abuse!


Thank you for talking
to us about child abuse.
Joanne, age 10


Thaks for giving us
a hand.


Every one of us
can make a difference.
We will make it better.


You are cool,
Thank for helpin.


I'm interested in learning
and hearing about
child abuse.
But it's a sad story.
Miss Kelly


Plant the seeds.
Stop Child Abuse.


Let us help the
youth to heal.


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