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Photos of Child Abuse Survivor Monument Project for Media Use

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Images of the Monument

Queen's Park Rendition

Queen's Park Rendition
Michael C. Irving, Ph.D. on a ladder in front of one of the sculpted Monument figures. The first bronze Monument figure completed in September 2007. The final 10 by 30 foot Monument was a massive work to be sculpted and assembled inside a large studio in Toronto.
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Michael C. Irving, Ph.D. is an international lecturer and presenter on issues of psychology and art. Michael sculpting the first models for the Child Abuse Survivor Monument in 1996. Dr. Irving assisting a survivor in sculpting the details on his quilt square.
900 Flags for 900 Child Deaths from Abuse in Canada
Michael C. Irving, Ph.D. sculpting the quilt squares on to his monument figures. With all of it detail and collaborative process, the Child Abuse Survivor Monument has been more than 12 years in the making. Michael C. Irving, Ph.D. sculpting the quilt squares on to his monument figures.
Helping Hands for Child Abuse
Ken Dryden

On behalf of my son, Martin Arnold Kruze,
I promise to work to save
"Just One Child"
- Martin's Hope -
Imants E. Kruze

For the love of children.
“Always Remember Someone Cares.”
Colleen Klein

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Respect and Self Respect
Let me be the boss of me!
Lanny M. McDonald
With my wishes for a bright future for all children.
Hayden Christensen
I am now a grandmother
who survived this sexual abuse.
You too can survive, be strong.
It's cruel. It's Horrible. It's Child Abuse. So stop it!
Flynn, age 10
It Took 40 Years of Fear
Before I was Set Free
Sorry you are huret
Our Hands Are Helping Hands!
Please help Kids.
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No Childabuse, Peace Love.
Luke, age 9

Peace @ home. Let's work it out. All people should be free from abuse, like a bird free from a cage.
Hanna, age 9
No more childabuse. You will be protected! Child abuse will die like many of its victims
From across Canada children in schools, shopping malls and youth centres gave Dr. Irving healing Healing Hands for placement inside the Monument. The interactive quality of touching and exploring the Monument is part of it power. The Healing Hands make a statement about our collective feelings of child abuse and provide of force of change and empowerment.
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Quilt Squares from the Monument

Shame - Fear
Guilt - Silence
Sexual abuse is too heavy for any child to cary through life.

I know I am not Shameful. I've been to Nam and I've been through child abuse and child abuse was tougher
Survivor of abuse at Maple Leaf Gardens Canadian author of "In My Father's House", Sylvia Fraser

Martin's Hope
Martin Arnold Kruze,
suicide victim, survivor of abuse abuse at Maple Leaf Garden.

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Quilt square dedicated to Farah Khan who was murdered by her parents and whose pieces were left in garbage bags along the rocks of Lake Ontario. Quilt square from Native Youth in Saskatchewan Quilt square from Native Child in Alberta
Monument participant age 9. Monument participant age 5. Monument participant age 70
As parents you kept your children safe from the evil that haunted your lives. Mom and Dad, thank you for teaching me to love. May hope be passed through every hand. My father was abuse and I wasn't. The cycle stopped. The dawn of a new generation, The dawn of new hope. Let tomorrow's sun set on an era of peace. Zachary, age 11.
Beyond this point there be monsters.

The pain of my childhood is today's woman.

Quilt square of sculptor Michael C. Irving, Ph.D., dedicated an infant who was raped and murdered and to the innocence of childhood lost.
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  Awakening to the possibilities of joy.  
Participants in Monument Creation
Sculpting team working on Monument in Michael Irving's studio. Sculptor Michael Irving, Ph.D. took a plaster cast of the hands of survivors of child abuse and worked with them to create their individual quilt squares. Close of of making a plaster cast of a hand.
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Participants in quilt square workshops used words and images around the sculpted hand to tell their stories. Quilt squares are on the Monument from across Canada, from Vancouver to St. Johns. The quilt squares speak the heart and soul of participants.



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