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Four Poetry books of
The child abuse survivor Monument




  Chapter 1: In The Dark Forgetting
    Blanking Out: by Maureen McGowen
Really See: by Patricia Bear Claw
Betrayal: by B.
Dark Night Chains: by Tracy Kloske
Nothin' New: by Barbara Peer Calvin
Only Five ot Alive: by M.
The Dark Forgetting: by Marque Brill
Tunnels of Tears: by T.
Thank You, I'm Just About Whole Now: by Michelle Russel
A Threat Letter: by Susan Shaw
Me: by Sheila Pavey
  Chapter 2: Another Lonely Sunrise
    No Where to Go: by Ashley Taylor
Like the Others: by Barbara Peer Calvin
The Key: by M.
A Mother’s Neglect: by Linda Worsley
Metamorphosis: by M.
My Frightening Journey into the Hell of My Mind: by T.
The Little Girl: by Leanne Gruber
Precious Things to Me: by Donna Paulisak
See Me: by Beth Newell
    Corner Watching: by Rachel Jones
Senseless Rigor Mortis: by Rachel Sankeralli
Islands: by J.
Flight: by Garry Backuniec
Cry: by Barbara Peer Calvin
Hidden: by Ann Marie Ruttimannj
Rainbow High: by Gloria Large
She Was I and I Was She: by Sylvia Fraser
For You Jackson: by Jude Roedding
    Open Your Heart: by T.
To Be Believed: by Marque Brill
Unleashing My Silenced Voice: by Gloria Large
Silk Ribbons: by Tracy Kloske
Answers: by Derek Dukelow
Eyes Wide Open: by L.
Break the Silence: by Derrick Brown
METAMORPHOSIS: by Nola Coulter
Still Attached: by Rayleen Lovejoy
    All the Good I Can Do: by Jessica McPherson
Driving Out the Dark: by Marque Brill
Spirit of the Raven: by Matt Hinton
Shelter Me: by J.
Freedom: by D.
Healing: by Babette Healy
Worlds: by Babette Healy

As I am: by Sylvia Sloot
Finally: by M.
A Moment in Time - June 21, 1999: by S.

- Book I: Through Darkness and Thorns
- Book II: Embrace My Innocence
- Book III: To Break the Silence
- Book IV: After the Flood

Dr. Michael Irving led
sculpting and poetry
workshops to create the
materials of the Child
Abuse Survivor
Monument Project.

The sculpted quilt
squares and poetry of
the workshop
participants became the
resource material of the
project's many activities.

The four art and poetry
books linked to from this
web page tell the story
of: the confrontation with
the angst and legacy of
child abuse; the struggle
to find answers and
understanding; the
difficult journey of
healing; the value and
power of connecting with
others; the movement
into healing and
recovery; the freedoms
and victories that are the
rewards of

These books are
presented here to assist
others with understanding
and healing.

We are seeking a
publisher who would
publish these as art and
poetry books. Contact
Dr. Irving at





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