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This innovative, creative and inspired work will make a significant difference in raising public awareness for the issues of child abuse while offering an opportunity for individual healing and the healing of the nation Canada
. Peggy Geddes, President, The Child’s Beacon

Sponsorship provides a unique role in addressing and healing the wounds of child abuse. At exhibitions, events and program activities, we have repeatedly found that clearly displayed name recognition of Corporate support has not only acknowledged their presence but has also increased the effectiveness of our work. When survivors feel ashamed, worthless and isolated personally and socially, the validation in Corporate sponsorship can contribute to the actual act of healing.

In a broader social acknowledgment, a care giver who is at risk of harming a child can feel assured that they can turn for guidance and support. The mainstream voice of the Corporate logo tells those who expect to hide their vicious acts that the community recognizes children’s rights and that these small voices will be listened to. As a result, children will feel a greater degree of safety and empowerment.

















































































































































Our public attention and media reach has been exceptional. Media coverage has taken on a positive, victorious and celebration flavour. We view our partnership as a highly cost effective marketing opportunity.By the simple act of association, sponsors will benefit from frequent, exceptional media attention.

Name association with issues of the care of children and concerns of child abuse has high intrinsic value. The sponsor is seen to be a leader with foresight and an interest in both the small and bigger picture. The sponsor who takes a stand on dealing with child abuse is seen to possess the courage to have and express sensitivity and compassion.

A Corporate logo or name contributes to getting a message across to all aspects of society. In effect, everyone benefits, by validation, acknowledgment and healing. We welcome anyone to participate as a sponsor and a partner, to take a major stand in child abuse prevention and support for those at risk.




Premiere Sponsors, as lead partners in"Reaching Out", will have full and exclusive branding rights on any portion an organization solely funds, and category exclusivity on sponsored programs that are significant in size. WEB SITE

One organization may be recognized throughout the Web Site as the site’s primary sponsor. Co-hosting of individual pages or links by other sponsors will assist with enhancing the quality and overall effectiveness of the Web Site.




An integral part of the Monument will be the granite Recognition Wall/Fountain which will provide conspicuous name recognition with the normal tax advantages for advertising expenses for a few selected companies and individuals. Sponsor and donor names will be carved into the granite with major sponsors receiving the most prominent location and size. Major sponsors will also have the opportunity to have their logo as well as name carved into the Wall.

The theme of “Corporate Reaching Out” is a valuable community contribution to addressing the concerns of child abuse. Simultaneously the branding recognition has economic/marketing value to the corporation. We encourage the Premiere Corporate partners of “Reaching Out” to work with us to develop, produce and distribute Public Service Announcements that incorporate as much of the “Reaching Out” program’s messages as possible.

When visitors place their hands on the wet Recognition Wall/Fountain, they will not only see, but actually touch the names carved into the granite wall. They will associate the names with socially conscious companies, organizations and individuals who have helped in a positive way to address a difficult issue. The Recognition Wall/Fountain and its power will stand for as long as the bronze Monument.

Sponsor recognition opportunities will be taking place months before “the day” and will include the launch of National Child Abuse Awareness Month in October 2002. It would seem highly appropriate at the unveiling to display and promote the organization’s important roles in any other areas of child well being and abuse prevention. In negotiation with our sponsors, give-away brochures, pins and mementos will be part of the unveiling magic.




A cross Canada tour is a dream that could become a reality with the commitment of a few prominent sponsors.

Tour sponsorship would limited. Each sponsor might have three prominent name/logo credits on one of six skirt panels on the two sides and back of the “Display” trailer. The panels would be designed to create maximum branding inclusion in the many photo opportunities that would occur as the exhibit traveled coast to coast.

Premier branding on each side of the nylon “jacket” covering the “Reaching Out” figure while travelling would available for an additional sponsorship fee.

Sponsor recognition and logos would be placed on the motor home used by exhibit staff.

Additional branding on the tour could come through logo placement on staff T-shirts and jackets, give-away brochures and give-away pins or mementos agreed upon with sponsors.




The following information presents sponsoring partner recognition and opportunities for value-added sponsorship participation. These are flexible areas open to discussion and suggestion.




Incorporating your unique needs and ideas, the following are examples of value-added opportunities for all sponsors:

  • Media support and opportunities such as a significant presence in 750,000 Torstar inserts
  • “Reaching Out” Studio receptions
  • Event use of high quality portable “Reaching Out” displays
  • Employee programs
  • Participation in opening and unveiling ceremonies
  • Web site cross-linking and acknowledgment on the Web Site
  • Recognition in project promotional materials
  • “Reaching Out” logo identification rights in your Corporate advertising
  • Use of “Reaching Out,” tour and event photos in your publications.
  • Prestigious figure and dignitary photo opportunities for your executives and staff




  • To be an unveiling ceremony Master Sponsor
  • To take part in the unveiling week event sponsorships
  • To be included in a proposed Royal Ontario Museum exhibit and a special concert
  • To use a fiberglass rendition of one figure for major exhibitions
  • To be a part of the cross promotion programs and public service announcement program
  • To be included in merchandise/discount/coupon offers, and with co-labeled giveaway items and volunteer regalia
  • To receive a series of booklets of sculpted quilt squares and poems and other educational materials tied to the interactive Web Site
  • To have the opportunity to purchase  quilt squares and Monument art work for offices, recognition programs, client gifts or donations to community agencies
  • To use the custom bronze monument quilt walls for corporate or community use




The Monument site at Air Canada Centre site will provide an opportunity for long term Corporate sponsorship and recognition through:

  • An interactive video kiosk at the permanent site and/or hosting the Web Site as well as encouraging visitors to add their traced hand to our digital art collection.
  • On site tours can be developed with a Premiere sponsor in conjunction with their other tours.
  • School tours and programs can occur with support from down loaded Web Site materials or through a Corporate sponsored program.
  • Brochures and a book about the Monument can be available from a nearby retail outlet or in conjunction with the tours. Special events associated with child abuse can use the Mnument site to enhance their project..
  • The site will be a centre for annual events during Child Abuse Awareness Month.
  • Sponsors may use the Monument figures, quilt squares and messages for printed or promotional material.




A sponsored exhibition or traveling tour can showcase the exceptional content of cast paper quilts, poetry and information highlights from the "Reaching Out" project. Several project documentaries or a child abuse documentary series can be produced with the rich resource of material found in the quilt squares, poetry and stories of the people who created the Monument.




I was totally impressed with the scope and conceptual realization of this work and understood immediately that it is destined to become an important part of Toronto...Richard Mc Neil, President, Sculpture Society of Canada.

“A community-based, social action project where survivors can turn for support and to gain control of their lives is most necessary. The Child Abuse Survivor Monument Project is such a venture. I feel strongly that it will benefit both the direct and larger communities.”
Gaetano Lyn-Piluso, Ph.D., C.A.D.C., Professor, Seneca College.

Results in programs like “Reaching Out” are hard to define. One cannot tangibly see, or mathematically quantify, the healing of broken hearts or the “murdered soul” coming back to life. The long term impact of future prevention is even more elusive to statistical evaluation in the present.

In tracking the degree of audience reach in particular areas, a form of measurability can be quantitatively significant, but it is limited to an impressionistic evaluation. As we continue to use the feedback from our audiences, we will be able to qualify those directions that bear repeating, increasing or altering, and suggest new directions that can be taken. What is attainable to date is:
  • The number of recorded visitors on the Web Site and on individual components of the web site.
  • The types of services used and needed for recorded media reach from the awareness and promotional campaigns.
  • On site audience estimates for individual stops on the national tour
  • An estimated viewing time frame at the Monument site, and on media use of the Monument as a backdrop.
  • Recorded use of the kiosks
  • Correspondence & direct response results received by "Reaching Out", the sponsors and cooperating media.
  • Teacher feedback.




The Survivor Monument Project makes a considerable contribution to this change process.Alexandra Rutherford, M.A. North York Women’s Centre

The success of the “Reaching Out” program grows daily. We are at a point where Sponsors are in a unique position to take a significant leadership role in this local, regional and national initiative. Participation in “Reaching Out” can maximize a sponsors’ current involvement in a child’s well-being and child abuse concerns. The legacy created with “Reaching Out” will contribute to improved conditions for children in future generations.

We would be glad to work flexibly with sponsors to create the best possible social marketing program. We look forward to your participation in making the sum greater than the parts.

Contact us about sponsorship opportunities and relationships:

Michael C. Irving, Ph.D.
Artistic Director/Executive Director

The Child Abuse Survivor Monument Project

(416) 922-8955


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List of Sponsors

They are only children.
Love them all!






Stop it now.
Protect our Children.






Do your best.






The place inside me
shines and remains
untouched . I own my
body and it remains
pure as my spirit.






Darkness was mine...
Now it's my tome to...









Never give up on your
rights to be trusted
with love and respect.
Please be strong and
brave and tell someone
who can help
stop the pain.
Now is the time to heal.
My prayers are with
you all. Cindy






I was abused!
The cycle stopped
with me!
Listen to the children.
Believe the children.
Help the children.






It's too important
to forget.
Children are the target.
Please help stop the
abuse. It starts with
one person.






Stop child abuse.
It's not your fault.






Stop the cycle,
break the silence.
Embrace the child
within -
She did what was
necessary to survive.












End the cycle.
Give Kids love!






No child abuse.
Peace Love
Luke, age 9






My freedom.
The Child's Freedom.
Aron, age 10






All people should be
free from abuse,
like a bird free
from a cage.
Hanna, age 9






Every child deserves
Unconditional love.












No more


















All of our children
deserve to feel
safe and loved.






All children should
live in an environment
free of abuse.
Only love, caring,
kindness and guidance
should be present.






Everyone has the right
to smile all the time.
Be good to your
Remember they are
the best link to the
future and will be there
in the end for their
I want my children
to say Hi to their great

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