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Gold and Silver Financial Sponsors of the Survivor Monument Project 1996-2002

Bronze and Pearl Business, Corporate and Foundation Financial Sponsors
Private Pearl Donors
In-Kind Business Donors
Agency/Foundation/Organization In-Kind Donations
Volunteers Who Have Given The Gift of Time


Financial Sponsors of the Survivor
Monument Project 1996-2002

Gold Sponsors $50,000-$500,000

Canadian Millennium Partnership

The Ministry of the Attorney General, Province of Ontario

Silver Sponsors $10,000-$50,000

Children's Aid Society Foundation

The Ministry of the Solicitor General,
Province of Ontario

Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment

Trillium Foundation

Imperial Oil Foundation

Martin Arnold Kruze Memorial Fund

Gordon Kirke

Paul Torrie

Torken Manes Barristers and Solicitors

Business, Agency and Foundation Bronze Sponsors

Air Canada
Bank of Montreal, Fountain of Hope
B.J. International
Cambridge Shopping Centres
City of Toronto, Breaking the Cycle of Violence Grant
Centre for Integrated Education and Community
Collingwood Community Library
The Estherelke Tannenbaum Fndtn.
Homewood Health Centre Foundation
House of 220
Independent Order of Foresters
Jack Pearpoint and Marsha Forest
Junior League of Toronto
Miziwe Biik

Office of the Chief Coroner, Prov. of Ontario
Ontario Association of Children's Aid Societies
Richard Silver and Assoc.
Ricky Stupp-Cohen
Royal Bank of Canada

Rob and Nita Hill
Standard Broadcasting
Tamara's House
Toskan Casale Foundation
Toronto Raptors Foundation
Cynthia Warn & David McLaren


Business, Agency and Foundation Pearl DonorsTo $1,000


Beta Sigma Phi, Chi Chapter
Preceptor Chi Chapter

Central Agencies Sexual Abuse Treatment Programs
Children's Aid Society of Lanark County
Community Sexual Abuse Network 0f Hamilton

deWal Learning Design
Kaplan, Freeman, Halpern
LAMP (Lampton County, Ontario)
Maple United Church
Matheson Chiropractic Clinic
Montreux Counseling Centre
Our People Fund-Employees of the Bank of Montreal
St. Mark's Presbyterian Church
Survivors House of Hope - Fort Erie
The Boys Home
Weymouth (N.S.)Church of Christ
York University Women's Centre

Red and black triangeled men
grotesque faces,
taking hurting
soft warm little girl flesh
Frozen in shame.
Tired of numbing out.
Hot, wet, sweaty, gone.

Let My Hopes Soar
I carefully step where not before have I tread
With signposts of slow, walk and run looming ahead
I'm testing the waters with my new found wings
Knowing that life's full of bruises and stings
I'll keep my head high and let my hopes soar
Life can be joyous I want that and more.
Stephen Brian MacDonald

Private Pearl Donors To $1,000

Linda and Keith Attoe
Christine Barber
Dr. Rosemary Barnes
Judy Bell
Marilyn Berkey
Dr. Anne Biringer
Sandra Bowen
C.W. (Willy) Brink
Carole Koepke Brown
Senator Callbeck
Dr. June Carroll
Yeon and Susan Tak-Chang
Lindsay Collins
Mary Dickinson
Patricia Dryden
Dr. William Emerson
John Enns
Sylvia Fairbank
Charles Fairbank
Marlene and Bernard Federman
Dr. Paul Ferner
Susan Friedman
Elizabeth Gold
Dr. J. Goodman
Frank Hamilton
Cassandra Hart
Paul Hasbury
Ken and Sharon Hasbury
Kipra and Barry Heermann
Carolyn Hollingsworth
Cliff and Pat Hoskins
Loretta Huber
Human Potential Resources
Pat Hyland

Andrea Iscoe
Adriana Jacobi
Sonja James
Dr. Romana Januszewska
Craig Johnston
Dr. Ursula Kasperowski
Rosalind Kindler
Dr. Mona Kornberg
Bonnie Kushner
Dr. Janice Lee
Ronald Lezon
Dr. Paul Levy
Frank MacDonell
Lynn Macdonell
Ms. J. Macdonell
Gary and Anne Mader
Ruth Martin
Sharon Maude
Nany Mayer
Judy McDonald
Paul McDonough
Dorothy McLaughlin
Linda and Chris Megaffin
M.J. Mendes
Dr. A Metaxas
Miriam Miller
Jill and James Monteith
Margaret Morris-Norton
Margaret Newl
Patrick and Angela Nugent
Paula Nieuwstraten
Virginia Odette

The promise of a safe
world for another child.

Dick O'Hagan
Susan Oke
Wendy Ounpuu
Dr. Howard Overs
Patricia Parker
Don Nelson and
Dr. Catherine Anne Page
Lynn Pearson
Susan Peever
John Rackham
Susan Ray
Dr. Carol Redmond
Jude Roedding
Dr. Berte Rubin
Mary Mac Schwartzentruber
Louisa and Peter Siu
Janice and Keith Smallwood
Winnifred Snider
Susan Spence
Raymonde St.-Amour
Ashley Taylor
Ruby Trostin
Marilyn Van Norman
Bev Vipond
Dr. Tom Verny and Sandra Collier
Dr. Cheryl Wagner
Dr. Ron Wagner
Dr. Marcia Weiner
Louise Wisechild
Dr. Dianne Woodruff
Marion Yates
Lawrence Yeigh
Dr. James Young

In Memory of Farah
We wish we could have
given you a hand.

Comments by Our Wed Donors

Judy Bell
Keep up the amazing, inspirational work!


In-Kind Business Donors

Adanac Graphics Ltd
AMJ Campbell Van Lines

Annalog Design
A.R.T. Research Ent. Inc.
Lancaster Penn. USA
Artitat Canada Ltd
BBE Productions
BGM Imaging
Bender's Foodland
Best Western Hotels (Coast
to Coast)
BJ Supermarket
Boiler Inspectors & Ins.
Company of Canada
Karen Boyd Catering
Brother's Halal Meats
Business Depot
Cambridge Shopping
Centres Limited

Canlight Group of Companies
Canrex Appraisals
Captain Copy
Carriage House Studios
Casting Impressions
Cira Custom Framing Inc..
Colour Your World
Command Print
Copies With Edge
Coventry Communications
CP Used
D Mart
DEB Video Productions
Design International
deWall Learning Design
Digital Imaging Solutions
"Dream" Girl Vocal Group
D.R.L. Coach Lines
Phil Dwyer, Musician
Epson Canada Limited
Events Canada Ltd.
First Impressions Printing
Four Star Consulting
Freedom Films
Free Speech Greek Newspaper
Peter Freer Communications
Genamation Inc.
Golden Donut Shop

You are never alone.
There is always hope.

Graphic Action

Graphic Alternatives and Communications
Greyhound Coach Lines Gwartzman Canvas and Art Supplies
J. & L. Guizzetti Furniture
Frank Hamilton, Architect
Hawk Productions
Holiday Inns (Coast to Coast)
Gregory Hoskins, Musician
House of 220
Hundredth Monkey Software
Inclusion Press International
Industrial Wire Products
In Kind Canada
Inniskillin Wines
Intercity Printing
Integrity Productions
Janart Creative Services
John Johnson, Musician
Carolyn Jones, Musician
Lynnore Jones Interior Design
Mark Kelso, Musician
King's Health Centre
Kinko's Canada Ltd.
Kronis, Rotsztain, Margles, Cappel and Gertler
Krystal Krafts
Layng Associates
Lenz Entertainment
Liberty Silver Music
Loblaws, Collingwood
Steve Lucas, Musician
Mac Warehouse
MacLaren McCann Can. Inc.
Manulife Financial
Maple Leaf Gardens
Marine Atlantic Ferries
Hugh Marsh Entertainment
Matheson Holding Inc.
M&A Photo Video
Peter McCann Architectural Models
Metzler and Company
Milans Department Store
Molstar Sports and Entertainment
Montreux Counseling

Reaching Out from
darkness to light.
My freedom flight.

MTS Bronze
Myna Communications
Neat Web Internet Solutions
Ken Nice Art
Oliver Lumber Company
Ontario Hydro
Orlean's Express Coach Lines
Pat's Home Hardware
Picotte Plastics Limited
Pollack Sporting Goods
Quality Inn (St.John's Nfld)
Ronson Corporation
Rose and Jeff's No Frills
Sarjit Investment Ltd.
Second Skin Garment Co.
Self Serve Copy Centre
Service Track
Shopper's Drug Mart
Sidhartha Restaurant
Richard Silver & Associates
Silverwood (Victoria B.C.)
Simcoe Legal Services
Smith and Nephew
S.M.T.Acadian Coach Lines
Steve Lucas Entertainment
Subtonic Monks
Super Dollar Stores
The Greek Press
The Portables
Thrifty Rent-A-Car
Harold Toivainen Photographer
Top O' the Senator
Toronto Image Works
Trentway-wagar coach lines
Tri-Can Contract Inc.
True North Records
Try Graphics
Tucker's Pottery Supplies
Warehoused Plastic Sales
We Print Plus
Webster and Sons
Westjet Airlines
Wherever Enterprises
Wintac Hardware
Woodland Home Centre
York Truck Centre
Xerox Corporation

Home at last.

Agency/Foundation/Organization In-Kind Donations

Volunteers Who Have Given The Gift of Time

Wendy Abbott
Michael Adjante
Lawrence Adelberg
Alison Ahara
Kathie Ali
Louise Amy
Marissa Amorosa
Doris Anderson
John Andras
Ted Andras
Will Andras
Bi Bi Anthony
Bubaloo Arnez Jr.
Tana Arthurs
Mark Askin
Margaret Atwood
Ani Aubin
Michael Ault
Batsheva Avery
Kathleen Babcock
Garry Bakuniec
Steven Banfield
Isabel Bassett
Barbara Beale
Patricia Bear Claw
Pierre Beeckmans
Maria Belgrave
Beth Bennet
Dr. Carolyn Bennett
Paul H. Bennett
Lillian Benrubi
Ruth Bertelsen
Judy Besse
Linda Beaudoin
Sandy Biback
Alison Black
Rob Blakey
Kathryn Bolton
Sandra Bowan
Dianne Boyce
Vlad Bradasevic
Lorne Braithwaite
Gary Bradley
Deborah Branch
Nina Bregman
Marque Robert Brill
Lori Broad
Jerry Brodey
Kim Brodey
Elsa Broder
Derrick Brown
Dillon Brown
Dorothy Brown
Gillian Burns
Jo-Anne Burns
Joan Burrell
Rob Butler
Ed Caffyn
James Cairns
June Callwood
Douglas John Cameron
Paul Camp
Ellen Campbell
Margaret Campbell
Janice Caine-Brewster
Estherelke Caplan
Jeanette Caswell
Barb Caven
Don Caven
Clarissa Chandler
Dione Charbot
Stephan Chartres
May Ling Cheung
Bradfield Chinhengo
Hayden Christensen
Bill Clint
Gordon Clint
Wallace Clint
Mark Conacher
Christine Conacher
Laurelea Conrad
Ruth Cook
Michael Coulis
Nola Coulter
Francois Crepeau
Diane Cresswell
Elizabeth Crossey
Dr. Raymond Currie
Daiva Dalinda
Irma-Carolyn D'Alonzo
Linda Day
Dr. Mary Deacon
Trish Denhoed
Terry Devine
Beth DeVries
Peter DeVries
Merle DeWal
Jaden Dennis
Pam Dennis
Trish Denhoed
Irma DiAlonzo
Hazel Diane
Dennis Dixon
Jessica Dixon
Laura Dixon
Nicole Dixon
Ken Doigt
Allan Donnan
Shelane Donoghue
Fraser Douglas
Mike Downey
Cynthia Doxtator
Ken Dryden
Lynda Dryden
Peter M. Dudding
Derek Dukelow
Terri Dukelow
Janice Duncan
Meghan Duncan
Jena Dunn
Jayne Dunsmore
Danielle Duvall
Sabina Ehrlick
Dan Elliotte
Dianne Ellis
Erwin Ehlman
Jack Emack
Christine Etherington
Kris Evanoff
Judy Fairholm
Jacqueline Feldman
Marion Feldman
Heather Field
Brenda Fitzsimmons
Renee Foote
Jennifer Forde
Dawn Forest
Sylvia Fraser
Gal Frenkel
Janice Friis
Hazel Galati
Susan Garofolo
Peggy Geddes
Maria Gentile
Lori Gibbard
Brian Gilroy
Carol Gladwell
Jake Goertzen
Aaron Goldman
Mo Goldner
Zaffi Gousopoulos
Peggy Grall
Michael Greene
Frances Grunberg

Paula Hadden-Jokiel
Frank Hamilton
Janet Handy
Heather Harbinson
John Harbinson
Jerilynn Harper
Kim Harper
Vern Harper
Anne Harris
Erin Harris
Mindy Harris
Nancy Harrison
Gayle Hart
Sharon Hart
Phil Harvey
David Hasbury
Rob Hawkings
Lori Hays-Johnson
Babette Healy
Marsha Herbert
Patricia Hilliard
Matt Hinton
Andrew Hoffman
Gary Holmes
Sara Hood
Jason Hopley
Gregory Hoskins
Karen Hoskins
Ralph Hoskins
Bill Howse
Gillian Hudson
Michelle Humphrey
Sue Hunter
Bernadette Iahtail
Cheryl Irving
Dr. Michael Irving
Dr. Robyn Irving
Zachary Irving
Jill James
Pat Jamieson
Carol Jackson
Tom Jackson
B.J. Jajj
J.J. Jajj
Renee Janes
Susan Jobbins
Martha Johnson
Linda Johnston
Doug Jones
Curtis Jones
Lenore Jones
Rachael Jones
Sharon Jones
Shama Joshi
Janice Kaiman
Barbara Kane
Ramsey Kane
Bob Kavanagh
Meseret Kelemewerk
Vicky Kellman
Paul Kemp
Karyn Kennedy
Sheldon Kennedy
Gord Kirke
Brent Kitagawa
Steven Klein
Tracy Kloske
Angela Kondrak
Jean Kondrak
Aldo Kraas
Andrew Krawezyk
Kim Kristalie
Gary Kruze
Imants Kruze
Mara Kruze
Teresa Kruze
Adam Kujtkowski
Sherry Kushner
David Kyle
Laura Lamarr
Gloria Large
Marjorie Larrabee
Dale Lastman
Margaret Laurie
Sarah Laurie
Keith Laushway
Bernadette Lavergne
Jackie Lawrence
Denise Layng
Sanderson Layng
Kelly Ann Campbell LeBlanc
Debbie LeCourt
Robert Lethbridge
Carol Anne Letheren
Patti Letourneau
David Lewis
Lynda Lewis
Rosa Lim
Mei Ling
R ayleen Lovejoy
Derek Luis
Carl Lyons
Dr. Gus Lyn-Piluso
Sharon MacAlpine
Carol Macdonald
Peter MacDonald
Steven Macdonald
Debbie Mack
Rhonda MacRae
Debbie Mahaffy
Diane Malette
Phil Marvy
Heather Martin
Rebecca Martin
Brenda Mason
Desmond Masterson
Barbara Mater
Dugald Matheson
John Matheson
Tawanda Matindike
Tsuyoshi Matsuura
Svetlana Mazurina
Lili May
Patti May
Troy McClure
John McCullough
Lori McDonald
Bill McGowan
Maureen McGowan
Rob McKay
Heather McKinnon
Dorothy McLaughlin
John McManiman
Roy McMurtry
James McPherson
Jessica McPherson
Bill McQueen
Katrina Meleca
Mary Jane Mendes
Loretta Merritt
Nicky Middleton
Andrea Mills
John Milne
Heather Milstein
Kim Moncur
Theresa Monagham
Joanne Monti
Steve Moreland
Sherry Morgan
Christopher Moris
Margaret Morris
Phil Morris

Bernie Morrow
Sandy Moshenko
Sid Murray
Roy McMurtry
Elaena Novaroff
Dr. David Neto
Beth Newell
Patrick Newman
Clare Nickelson
Tammy Nielson
Catherine Nishe
Maria Noel
Jackie Oakley
Dave O'Neil
Debbie O'Rourke
Nina Otulakowski
Christine Owocki
Charles Pachter
John Page
Maria Paolucci
Angela Palmer
Donna Pauliscak
Sheila Pavey
Bob Pearson
Darrel Pearson
Jillian Pearson
Lynn Pearson
Phil Pendry
Don Perimyakie
Dini Petty
Lydia Phillips
Chandra Ponce
Ross Praskey
Barb Pratt
Lawrence Pushee
Jim Quinn
John Rae
Georgia Reagh-Colton
Judith Rabin
Audrey Rastin
Summer Rea
Paul Resnick
Bruce Rivers
Andrea Roth
Jazz Roy
Michelle Russell
Randy Russell
Annmarie Ruttimann
Karen Ruttimann
Paul Ruttimann
Rachel Sankerelli
Louise Sankey
Babette Santos
Phil Sarazen
Maria Sassos
Debbie Schatia
Sandra Scodellaro
Debby Seed
Robert Settle
Suba Shan
Suzanne Share
Athena Sharpe
Susan Shaw
Honey Sherman
Janet Sherbanowski
Tracy Shulist
Lynn Siegal
Anne Siegel
Mort Siegel
Leslie Silver
Richard Silver
Pat Sisson
Mira Sivasegaran
Marlene Sloot
Sylvia Sloot
Christine Smith
Ethel Sparaga
Debbie Sparrow
Patricia Sorbara
Jane Stackhouse
Steve Stavro
Paul Steinhauer
Andrew Sterling
David Stephens
Robin Stephens
Tony Stevens
Chris Stewart
Gail Sullivan
Sue Sullivan
Jamie Sutherland
Steve Sutherland
Carrol Suzuki
Norma Swais
Jan Tanjo
Lary Tanenbaum
Cherlyn Tannor
Gerrard Tardide
Mauro Tatone
Ashley Taylor
Eric Taylor
Rebecca Taylor
Gillian Templeton
Halia Taves
Sally Thayer
Lisa Thomas
Aisla Thomson
Harold Toiviainen
Paul Torrie
Pat Thorton
Norm Trainor
Jackie Turner
Sue Turner
Cory Tuyl
Cosmo Vacchiarelli
Donna Vanderlip
Jennifer VanHaverbeke
Harmeina VanOosten
Juan Carlos Vela
Cathy Vine
Paul Vodek
Julie Walker
Sybil Walker
Audrey Wandolo
Sylvia Ward
Richard Warn
Dr. Marlene Warner
Kelly Watt
Jamie Watts
Richard Lewis Watts
Dr. Marcia Weiner
Dr. Otto Weininger
Leila Weller
Spencer Whyne
Jen Wild
Diana Wiley
John Williams
Anne Winter
Linda Worsley
Vera Anne Wolynsky
James Young
Susan Young

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"Reaching Out" sponsor visit:






Hands should bring
someone close to you
not push them away.
Hands are for holding,
not for hurting.






together we are stronger
than along
Bruce and Austin






My friends are nice.




















Always know
you are loved!
Chris and Eric






I'm so proud of you.






Together we can make
a difference and
Heal our hearts.






We have to be nice
to people and
make them happy.
Wen people are crying
I could cheer them up.




Make sure
your hand
of support

will be inside
the Monument!




It’s nice to have a
colorful hand.






Be a friend.
Give a hand.






Hands for help.






It is not an easy
thing to live.
Let's work together
to stop ABUSE!






All our precious children
deserve to feel safe
and loved.






Be yourself and
trust in yourself.

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