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The following are some ideas for the kinds of things that may go on a "What to do to Relieve Stress" list. These are not presented as comprehensive lists and they are not the right list for any one particular person.

It is important for you to come up with you own personalized coping strategy lists.





Freedom to tell mom,
Broken loose the sick little inside.
Alone I fixed it wrong,
milk angel, death angel.
Unloved prickly pickle,
sacred headache of loss and pain.
Sage coloured rage isn't safe.
Real is not good or bad,
it's just orange.







Traps are set for tiny things
Hopeless, small, with no wings.
Escape is not a question here
Shadows, shadows everywhere.
Scream the words that hold you tight
Take a leap into the night.







The pain is too large
It radiates in my bones
The darkness is so deep
I'm curled up all alone

I long to see the sun
To heal and warm my pain
I'd even settle for clouds
or sheets of pouring rain

In this dark cold room
Where all my hope is lost
I sit so very still
Knowing this has a cost

Slowly the door opens
A shaft of sunlight comes in
Hesitantly I crawl out
Now my healing can begin

In plaster, wood and wax
I lay my broken life down
Realizing with each small step
I've finally come into my own






Under a blanket she cries.
It's as though none have eyes.
For they do not see her need.
Sent to her room with no one near.
The knot holes in the walls cannot hear.
There's cloying loneliness within
And the inner voices raise a din.
In yellow flowers she takes delight
And after the rain in the sunshine bright.
Feeling alone and left behind
Her needs become clear in my mind.
My hand reaches back over time
To gently draw her home at last
To love and to comfort;
For the child is mine.







Releasing stress is a normal life activity. Whether conscious of it or not, we are doing something to drain away our life tensions every day. When these activities are skipped, people feel stressed. Stress relievers often involve some form of physical or mental exertion or a pleasurable leisure activity.

When you are stressed out, there are activities that will release or reduce your stress. The actual activities that work for burning off tension are unique and idiosyncratic to each person. It helps you to know which activities are your personal stress releasers.

It is likely that when you are having a hard time you are not altogether clear on what you should be doing to manage your feelings. Getting a coping list written out is a starting point for helping yourself feel better.

Remember to vary what you do to burn up tension and also recognize what your most effective stress reducers are.



LIST #3 Managing Stress

Make Yourself a List of "What to do to Relieve Stress"

  • Brisk exercise
  • Take a walk
  • Shout into a pillow
  • Write a note and tear it up
  • Throw Mr. Gigglie against the door
  • Tear up paper
  • Pound clay
  • Paint or draw
  • Write angry letters
  • Tear up angry letters
  • Fold the laundry
  • Throw the socks at the wall
  • Listen to music
  • Chew gum
  • Talk to someone
  • Ride a bike
  • Enjoy nature
  • Throw rock in the water
  • Use your humour
  • Build something
  • Clean
  • Garden
  • Take a sauna, whirlpool or bath
  • Etc...
  • Make your own personalized list!




April 3, 2000

I started the quilt square workshop feeling emotionally distanced from what I was doing. I chose three little war figurines rather automatically. I didn't think they had any profound meaning. Then I was bored, not knowing what to do with them, frustrated, lacking the sculptor's skills.

Michael helped me and the little figures started to take shape. They started to take on a personal meaning and I began to realize I hadn't chosen them by accident. Three little figures, children, parts of me.

This morning people were running through my mind like crazy, people who judged me. I am mentally defending, justifying myself. Then as I ponder what it means, I am crying, crying. I need forgiveness.

It has felt so good to find this outlet for artistic and emotional expression. Part of the benefit and healing has been to feel the pain of the past. A lot of fear has been released of looking at the past and feeling the pain. The pain is there if I choose not to work with it anyway. I think I went back further with this experience to help heal my smallest self, the natural child that was suppressed early on.

This growth is very important to me and I have been looking for a means to do it for a long time. I feel that I was ready for this step.

When the student is ready, the teach appears. Seems to fit here.

"Follow Site Web Ring"

This hand
shall forever know,
the pains and woes,
that sorrow sows.




Child abuse destroys
the rainbows
in our lives.




Release the pain!
Make room for growth
and love of self
and others!




My mom abuse all 5
of us. I am 39 now and
I still can't make sense
of it.
Because it makes
no sense.
Do what you can to
stop the violence.
Find peace in
your heart.
It is there!



Keep sport healthy,
safe and fun.



There is fear only when
I are thinking:
"I might lose something"
"I might be hurt".
Stan, age 68



Stop the cycle,
break the silence.
Embrace the child within.
She did what was
necessary to survive



You will be


- Home

*All Rights Reserved
copyright (1991-2012)

*All Rights Reserved
copyright (1991-2012)