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Gathering Resources for Quilt Square Workshops

We are greatly appreciative to the groups who brought our quilt square workshops to their areas. It was a very exciting and rewarding venture for them and our project team. We were pleased to have them join us in working toward the realization of our vision.

We provided some back ground information on the Child Abuse Survivor Monument Project and how a quilt square workshops could take place in their community. Information was also provided through word of mouth relationships and our web site.

The building of a monument to child abuse is a large undertaking and also a very important one. Although the final Monument is dedicated to survivors of all forms of child abuse, the sculpting was primarily done by survivors of childhood sexual abuse.

Thank You, I’m Just About Whole Now

Who would have imagined the implications,
the imprisonment, the isolation
Not I - it wasn’t going to impact me
Who would have surmised the sexual confusion,
the stumbling blocks, the self-delusion
Not I, it wasn’t going to stop me.

I had dreams to attain, goals to accomplish
Who or what would dare get in my way.
I was sure of my destination
Slightly aware of consternation;
Success appeared easy
‘Til envisioned destiny
Slowly started slipping away.
But I had places to go - I finally got selfish

Who can explain the endless reconstruction,
the extensive therapy, the exhaustion
Not I - it is not affecting me.
Who can dream of the determination,
the development, the decisions
Not I - it is not delaying me.

I have dreams to attain, goals to accomplish
Who or what dares get in my way
Focusing on my destination
Oblivious to my imperfections
The obstacles daunting
Memories still haunting
Encountering endless educational delay.
Places to go - will the pain ever diminish?

Who will fathom fighting the frustration,
the fear, the fury?
I will - with family, friends, faith.
Who will acknowledge the achievement,
the absolution, the ascent
I will - with assistance, action, affect.

I will attain my dreams, accomplish my goals.
Who or what will dare get in my way,
Sure of my destination,
Combating consternation.










and the truth
shall set you free

As I am

Through acceptance I have found hope
In truth I have found love
Dancing freedom, laughing peace
To be cherished as I am
Embraced by love in the light of truth


I am surprised at how I feel turning in my square. I feel like I am giving up a part of myself to be exposed. When I think of all that I have poured into that hunk of wax, only to have it eventually melted again, my heart grieves a little.






Kim came to Toronto for a week
to sculpt her quilt square and
gather enough understanding,
information and skill to organize
successful workshops in Alberta.

The Alberta team and their supporters did an amazing job in getting supplies, resources, accommodation and travell.




Seeking National Participation

An important part of our mandate was to ensure that survivors of child sexual abuse from as many areas of the country as possible are represented on the bronze monument and could contribute to the travelling art and educational exhibition that is also a component of the project. With this in mind, we ask to be brought different areas of the country through the support and participation of individuals, local agencies and survivor groups.



Local Contribution and Support

In order for the workshop to come to an area, a host group needed to gather the resources to support the workshop and participating survivors. Very often business, agencies and people in the community were willing to donate the workshop space, the accommodation and meals for the workshop leaders, lunches and snack types of food for participants and some of the funding support for workshop participants. We found that the healing workshops and a national child abuse monument provides an opportunity for the members of the community to constructively contribute to an issues that most people are sensitive to and concerned about..

The sponsoring group was given a more comprehensive list of suggested resources and supplies. Although it was our experience that many people preferred to donate something specific (a room, some ready-made sandwiches, etc.), we saw groups has success with cash donations that allowed the group to purchase what was needed.



Workshop Overhead and Expenses

The cost to each survivor for their participation in the workshop was a $200.00 supply and material fee. This $200.00 covered the direct material and supply costs to make and frame the finished quilt square that each workshop participant kept as a memento of their contribution.

The actual total costs for running the workshop and producing each framed quilt square that participants kept was about $600, of which $400 was subsidized by the Project's sponsors. It cost another $1000.00 to model, mold, cast and patina each quilt square that was worked into the bronze monument.

The project need to raise significant funds for this component of our endeavor. We realize that for some the $200.00 workshop material cost was inconsequential, but for many survivors $200.00 is clearly out side of their restricted budgets.

We strongly encouraged anyone wished to participate in a workshop and be represented on the monument need not feel prohibited to do so because of the $200.00 to cover workshop supplies. Over and over again financial support was relatively easy for survivors to obtain when they let others know of their desire and the nature of participating in the monument project.



Commitment of Time

Forming a group to fund raise or to assist lending guidance and assistance to individuals seeking funding assistance helped to bring the group together before the workshop actually began. The away workshops occurred in a very busy and concentrated time period.

Before the actual sculpting workshops began fund-raising efforts and organizing the necessary workshop resources was valuable for helping people to get to know each other. It allowed for and encourage working together before starting on the difficult task of making the quilt squares and becoming familiar with a group of people.

Normally, in our Toronto studio, the workshops were run every other week over a twelve week period.

For staffing and logistics purposes the extended workshop schedule model was not practical in out-of-area locations. For this reason away workshops were held over a consecutive five day period or over two long weekends one month apart from each other.



Gathering Resources for Quilt Square Workshops

The workshops needed a group of up to twelve survivors of childhood sexual abuse.

It was our suggestion that these be people who were in, or who have been in, some kind of formal healing and/or therapy program and who presently had a support system to deal with the material that may arise. The process of creating a the quilt squares could trigger potentially painful feelings.



Workshop Space

The space for the workshop needed to be big enough for 14 people to work comfortably at tables (12 participants and 2 workshop leaders) with chairs. There needed to be 6 to 8 tables clustered in the middle of the room and 3 to 5 tables at the sides of the room. There needed to be access to water and bathrooms.

It was valuable for the space to have another room for participants who needed a break or a quiet retreat.

Workshop spaces were often found through community groups or agencies at no cost. For example, in Sarnia the space was donated by the Canadian Mental Health Association, in Saskatoon and Winnipeg in Churches, in Edmonton at a City Recreation Centre and Calgary in an empty Shopping mall store.

We needed the space full time day and evenings for the 5 days or two week ends of the workshops.



Host Group Support for Workshop Leaders

Accommodations in a smoke-free environment for our two workshop leaders was arranged by the workshop sponsoring group. This may have involved billeting in someone's home, or staying in a local hotel. Travel for the workshop leaders were donated by West Jet

Most meals for the two workshop leaders were provided. It was helpful that in the away cities a buffet type of lunch and dinner was provided for workshop participants and leaders right in the workshop setting.

Groups found local grocers and the occasional caterer were quite generous in donating a food voucher for food supplies or platters of food. Restaurants also donated meals when explained what was happening and then asked for support.



together we are stronger
than along
Bruce and Austin






The place inside me
shines and remains
I own my body and
it remains pure
as my spirit.






Darkness is what
Now it's my time to






Hands should bring
someone close to you
not push them away.
Hands are for holding,
not for hurting.






My friends are nice.






Friends last forever,
help those who have
Believe in yourself
and have everyting.
A little light
goes a long way
for those who don’t feel
loved inside!
Family is everlasting
even if it’s not your
real parents.
Everyone has someone
Help those who don’t
know how!







Together we can make
a difference and
Heal our hearts.






It’s nice to have a
colorful hand.






Hands for help.






I'm so proud of you.

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