Move your mouse to use Sarah's quilt square as a meditation pool.
Click on arrow below to choose music or sounds for your healing meditation.

Reflect on your
inner strengths.
Believe in yourself.

Remember the day
and feeling of
an important accomplishment.

Listen to your
inner voice,
your intuition.

Think about ways
other people tell you
-- you are strong.

Feel the strength of
your mind, your body,
your heart, your spirit.

Trust your inner wisdom,
Trust yourself.


Calm & classical, Relaxing piano mood music: Jim Brickman

Babbling Brook, 60 Minutes
Music for Relaxation:
Waterfall, Relaxing piano mood music:

Waves at New York Point: Rob House

Rainforest Nature Sounds:

Pouring: Dudymas

Birds and Water, Under the Sea: VA

Emerald Sky, 40 Minutes Calming Sounds: WMRI

Sunset: Enduro

Music calm (1)

Music calm (2)

Music calm (3)

The Balloonist: Shades
Music courtesy of Open Source Audio Creative Commons Licenses

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Sean Wilson. All Rights Reserved.