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Art can assist with social healing and memorials are public gestures to acknowledge and validate the heroism and suffering met by those who face profound adversity.

Documentation and summarization of the experiences, challenges and learning of The Child Abuse Survivor Monument Project is a valuable asset to pass on to future artist and community groups who wish to artistically deal with the concerns of child abuse.

Dr. Irving is open to discussion with a major gallery on an exhibition of the original cast paper quilt panes, the Monument Project Child Abuse Awareness Research Forum information highlights; participants journalling and poetry; project videos and more. Contact Dr. Michael Irving:



Children's lives today are
the HandPrints of tomorrow.
Respect them. Love them.
Hope for them.


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Phase 1 - Design
- Project Creation
- Reaching Out Symbol
- Quilt Square Workshop
- Research Forum

Phase II - Create
- DAS School
- Awareness Displays
- Cambridge Tour
- Monument Sculpting

Phase III - Implement
- Monument Stories
- Awareness Month
- Give Us a Hand
- Casting the Bronze

Phase IV - Positioning
- Monument Tour
- Site
- And Beyond...


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