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Dr. Michael Irving ran a Visualization/Arts Workshop at DAS School and Schools Across Canada. If you would like your school or classroom to contribute "Give Kids a Hand" HandPrints to the "Reaching Out" Monument follow the directions at the bottom of this page.

View a Stack of HandPrints from DAS School

These Hands Will Demolish Child Abuse.
Begin to see the right path. Begin to feel the wrath of abuse. Not many understand, but what they know will change the world. We need to fight.
Dorian, age 12

Put yourself in someone's shoes that has been abused, you would not like it. So help stop chiled abused.
Ruby, age 10

The idea for a "Give Us a Hand" Visualization HandPrints came out of a project with the children at DAS school in Toronto.

In the spring of 1999, Project sculptor, Michael C. Irving, Ph.D., was asked to deliver a presentation and art program to DAS (Downtown Alternative School) in Toronto. Teachers, Mark Sprack and Jennifer Zurba brought together the children of grades three to six.

Speak Out.
Always have hope.
Don't be afraid.
Suicide is not the right answer.
It hurts your family as well as you.
Choose life, not death.

Respect children. Don't abuse children. We have children to love children. Children are our future. Peace/Ying-Yang
Casey, age 9

Why should child abuse happen? We don't want it happening, no one does.
So... Don't do it.
Chris, age 11

I feel hurt.
Rosie, age 7
I've seen it onece and I don't want to see it twice.

Physical injury last a long time, but imotinail injurys last longer.

I wish for no more child abuse.
I wish for peace.
Aaron, age 9

I think if child abuse won't stop; ware will not stop eaither, and there will be no peace in the world.
Michelle, age 8
Our world does not deserve this!
We don't want this!
Child Abuse Does Not Work For Us!

No more for our world, end the pain and torture. Praise all the people, the people who would dare, who dared to stop Child Abuse!
Aianna, age 10

To all those who have suffered the pain of child abuse:
thank you
I'M Sorry.

What you did helped many others.
You have suffered so others wouldn"t.
You did not do anything to hurt.
Dale, age 11

Michael talked about the monument design and the role of art in telling stories and shaping the world. The children led and directed the discussion that followed.

Some children brought up the incidences of abuse at Maple Leaf Gardens. It was something many children knew of and had thought about. There was a lot of compassion expressed and insightful discussion about how hard it is to tell someone, but no matter what you have to keep telling till someone listens. The tragedy and wrongfulness Martin Kruze's suicide, as result of abuse, was talked about by a few.

To share in the monument experience a drawing exercise was done were children drew an outline of their hands and wrote or drew what they wanted on or around the hand.

Stop child abuse!
Child abuse is unethical, selfish, mean, bad.
Child abuse is disrespectful.

Child abuse is low!
Very low!!
Very very low!!!
Jeremy, age 10

We shall overcome. We shall overcome. We shall overcome child abuse. Deep in my heart I do belive we shall overcome. We shall over come. Merrick, age 10

Child Abuse has claimed many souls and we want them back.
Are you one of them.
Merrick, age 10

I feel very sory for the people who were abused.
Morag, age 8

Please stop child abuse.
Ali, age 8

Don't do it.
Darius, age 12
It's cruel
It's horrible
It's child abuse!
So stop it!

Child Abuse: You don't have to worry. It Stops Now.
Nikko, age 12


Child abe will die like many of its victims.


Child abuse is wrong and it's the worst thing you can do.
Nick, age 12

Keep the Peace in your....Home, School, and in your HEART.

Respectful, Wealthy, Health, Love, Caring.

The children were articulate about how feelings get hurt and the need to talk and work things out. Ideas of peace making and to identify conflicts and work to a mutually beneficial solution were presented by some children.

The hurtfulness of school yard bullying and how to deal with it shared and that bullying with words and actions can be just as hurtful as hitting, but may be harder to explain and deal with.

I love being alive.

I think child abuse should stop and stop NOW!!!
Kyla, age 8

Child abuse: see the light, it will stop. We will make it.

My father was abused and I wasn't: the cycle stopped.

Child abuse affects people's Mental and physical health.

Stop It.
Tarah, age 10

Abusers have no right in our peaceful world. All children should have to be protected from all ABUSE!

A number of children made the analogy between "how kids are treated and how they treat others".

A quilt wall was made of the hands on a bulliten board in the main hallway of the school. The parents and visitors remarked about the poinientness and perceptiveness of the hand print messages.

We have to be careful how we express our feelings, because sometimes it doesn't turn out how we wanted it to.

I am not afraid of being abused.
Brannegan, age 9
HandPrint Wall of DAS (Downtown Alternative School)
We greatly appreciation the contribution of the children from DAS.
Thank You!

If you abuse children, you're abusing our FUTURE!
Franny, age 12

Children are important. We must protect them!
Claire, age 9

It was very clear to all --these powerful statements were worthy of a larger presence. The idea of placing them in the monument was born. The "Give Us A Hand" campaign developed as another important element of the "Reaching Out" Monument.

Abuse is very bad, we need hope to stop it.
Parris, age 9

I see a time where child abuse is taught in history and is history.
Christopher, age 9

Intimidation is not for us!
Savanna, age 12

A day when there is no child abuse will come.
Midori, age 10

To GIVE US A HAND for placement inside The Canadian Millennium Child Abuse Memorial:

1. Draw an outline of your hand on a piece of 8 1/2 x 11 paper or the back of your printout;

2. On or around the outline of your hand, write or draw your millennium message;

3. Send your personal hand print to:

The Survivor Monument Project
274 Rhodes Ave.
Toronto, Ontario
Canada, M4L 3A3


I wish child abuse would stop like war -- to Terrry and Tracy.
Odile, age 8


Some day it will stop.
Kio, age 12

If you wish to make a donation along with your make your check out to: The Survivor Monument Project.

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