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An Absolutely Astounding Accomplishment!
The Honourable R. Roy McMurtry,
Former Chief Justice of Ontari

The Sculpture itself is exquisite and to the hundreds of thousands of Canadians it represents, it is a symbol of hope...
Dini Petty, TV Personality

Each square is an intensely personal story, creating a monument which makes us understand.
Ken Dryden, MP

...this innovative, creative and inspired work will make a significant difference in raising public awareness for the issues of child abuse while offering an opportunity for individual healing and the healing of the nation.
Peggy Geddes, President, The Child’s Beacon a public art piece, it is visually, extremely strong. The materials being used and the interactive nature of the sculpture will make it a very great asset to public art...
Melanie Fernandez, Community Arts Officer, Ontario Arts Council

Dr. Michael Irving works on
the Child Abuse Monument

I was totally impressed with the scope and conceptual realization of this work and understood immediately that it is destined to become an important part of Toronto...
Richard Mc Neil, President, Sculpture Society of Canada

Art and healing can be intimately linked as this sculpture so clearly demonstrates. I think that mounting the work in a parkette in central Toronto is an important consideration.
Dr. Robert Kavanagh, Dean, White Mountain Academy of the Arts

Click on image for rendition at Queen's Park
with links to details of each quilt square.


...the placement of this commemorative piece in Queen’s Park, adjacent to hospitals, the university, and seat of government, seems particularly apt.
Charles Prachter, Artist

Its proposed location in the southwest corner of Queen’s Park: at the crossroads of healing, learning and governing, is excellent.
Debbie O’Roarke, Artist, Arts Jury Member and Curator

The characteristics of nearby architecture are both complemented and reflected in the sculpture’s curves and scale. The fountain and pathways reach beyond their decorative purposes to instill a sense of serenity in the viewer. Taken together, these elements can only enhance the chosen site
. Lynnore Jones, Assoc. of Reg. Interior Designers of Ontario (ARIDO)

It's at the hub of education and healing and government. In a sense, it's a place that is close to the stakeholders. We have the war, police and fire memorials -- the heroes -- and then there are the heroic children who have come through these adversities. In that location, it completes the circle. Sarah B. Hood, National Post will provide both motivation and a focus for further healing.
Heather Sproule, Former Executive National Director, Kids Help Phone

I am convinced that this project deserves national recognition and support for its importance as a permanent symbol in art...
Mary A. Deacon, M.D., C.C.F.P.


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The Honourable R. Roy McMurtry


Dini Petty


Charles Prachter


The Monument design reflects
the graceful curves of the adjacent Ontario Hydro and Provincial Administrative buildings

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