Four Poetry books of
The child abuse survivor Monument




  Chapter 1: Wrapped Around Rage
    Out of Control: by C.
Primal Scream: by Hazel Diane Galati
Alone: by Monica Mitchell
In Suffering: by Chandra Ponce
Ugly: by Ruth Cook
The Touch: by Ruth Cook

Frozen Muscles: by Maureen McGowan
Hatred: by T.
My Turn To Live: by Tracy Kloske
ABUSE: by M.
Heaven Sent: by Dorothy Brown
Getting On: by Rhonda MacRae
Together - To Stephen: by S.
  Chapter 2: Soul Of A Child
    Makes Ya Wonder: by Barbara Peer Cavin
Eyes Shut Tight: by Vera Anne Wolynsky
Shattered Youth: by T.
A Child’s Grief: by April Howard
Flashbacks: by Jackie Turner
Dare to Hope: by B.
Letter to Michael: by B.

Too Damaged for Love?: by J.
My Child: by Maureen McGowan
A Blanket of Love: by I.
Coming Home: by J.
Wild Flower Dancing: by L.
Turned to Stone: by Cherylyn Tannor
Find the Sunshine: by Cherylyn Tannor

Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep, I Pray…: by Sharon Jones
Telling My Father: by Jackie Turner
Traps: by Babette Healy
One Flight of Steps: by B.
Questions: by S. (Age 17)
Memory of Hands: by Heather
A Shattered Soul Survives: by April Howard
Once an Old Story: by Gerry Brodey
Healing the Wounds: by Dorothy Brown

    When I Was Lost: by Jake Goertzen
You Came Back: by M.
To Jo: by Phil Sarazan
To Protect: by Patricia Bear Claw
Healing: by M.
Never Alone: by Sarah Ninnie
Association: by Sandra Rump
Healing Hands: by Maria Moutsatsos
How Can I Help: by Wallace Clint
Presence: by Kim Moncur
Through Darkness and Thorns: by D.V.P.
Finger Prints: by Sheila Pavey

Dear God: by Sallie Thayer
There is Hope: by Marque Brill
Faceless People: T.
Silence is deadly: by Derek Dukelow
In a Locked Ward...: by Joanne Monti
My Child: by Sue Turner
Come Home: by Jackie Turner
She’s a “Little One”, Just a Child: by Ashley Taylor
In You I Found: by M.
Dear Jackson: by Jude Roeding





Protection: by S.
Holding Your Breath: by Jackie Lawrence
Peace Run: by Monica Mitchell
Gone: by Monica Mitchell

Silenced Lamb: by M
Remember: by Chandra Ponce
Silence: by Chandra Ponce

Secret No More: by Sheila Pavey
I Remember: by Rebecca Martin
The Journey: by T.
Message: by Clare Nickerson
Journey: by Ruth Cook
Take My Song Away: by Gerry Brodey
Begin Anew: by Michael C. Irving

    Forever: by Francois Crepeau
Why: by Rayleen Lovejoy
Shattered: by Derek Dukelow
Just One Person: by (in memory of) Martin Kruze
House of Pain: by Derrick Brown
Tears of Hate: by Derrick Brown
Childhood Cries: by Derrick Brown
My Friend, My Hero: by Derrick Brown

Reaching Out: by Brian Sills
The Hand: by Allan Donnan
Holding: by J.
They Believed Her: by Jessica McPherson
    Your Wisdom: by Michael C. Irving
Trials and Tribulations: by Laura Dixon
I Have Help: by Nicole
No Sense: by Dennis
Life Style: by S.
Elmo's Balloon of Words: by Jessica
    No Answers: by Jeannette Caswell
Boundaries: by Cindy Doxtator
The Good Within: by Spencer Whyne
The Guilty: by M.
Dusk to Dawn: by Babette Healy
To be Happy Again: by Jennifer Forde
Sing for Me: by Rachel Jones
Self Forgiveness: by Sharon Jones
Stressed and Beyond: by Michael C. Irving

One Step: by L.
Thread of Hope: by Tracy Kloske
The Way It Was: by Cherylyn Tannor
Why: Stephen MacDonald
In My Body: by J.
Alive: by Susan Shaw
Broken By Abuse, Healed By Love: by Donna Roussin
What If: by Sarah Ninnie
Open Spaces: by Babette Healy
The Storm Within: by Brenda Fitzsimmins
Flowers Bloom: by Sylvia
I Embrace My Innocence: by Kim Moncur




    Blanking Out: by Maureen McGowen
Really See: by Patricia Bear Claw
Betrayal: by B.
Dark Night Chains: by Tracy Kloske
Nothin' New: by Barbara Peer Calvin
Only Five ot Alive: by M.
The Dark Forgetting: by Marque Brill
Tunnels of Tears: by T.
Thank You, I'm Just About Whole Now: by Michelle Russel
A Threat Letter: by Susan Shaw
Me: by Sheila Pavey
    No Where to Go: by Ashley Taylor
Like the Others: by Barbara Peer Calvin
The Key: by M.
A Mother’s Neglect: by Linda Worsley
Metamorphosis: by M.
My Frightening Journey into the Hell of My Mind: by T.
The Little Girl: by Leanne Gruber
Precious Things to Me: by Donna Paulisak
See Me: by Beth Newell
    Corner Watching: by Rachel Jones
Senseless Rigor Mortis: by Rachel Sankeralli
Islands: by J.
Flight: by Garry Backuniec
Cry: by Barbara Peer Calvin
Hidden: by Ann Marie Ruttimannj
Rainbow High: by Gloria Large
She Was I and I Was She: by Sylvia Fraser
For You Jackson: by Jude Roedding
    Open Your Heart: by T.
To Be Believed: by Marque Brill
Unleashing My Silenced Voice: by Gloria Large
Silk Ribbons: by Tracy Kloske
Answers: by Derek Dukelow
Eyes Wide Open: by L.
Break the Silence: by Derrick Brown
METAMORPHOSIS: by Nola Coulter
Still Attached: by Rayleen Lovejoy

All the Good I Can Do: by Jessica McPherson
Driving Out the Dark: by Marque Brill
Spirit of the Raven: by Matt Hinton
Shelter Me: by J.
Freedom: by D.
Healing: by Babette Healy
Worlds: by Babette Healy

As I am: by Sylvia Sloot
Finally: by M.
A Moment in Time - June 21, 1999: by S.




    Let the Body Speak: by Jenny Stimac
What Am I Who Am I: by Donna Paulisak
He Said: by Barbara Peer Calvin
THIS IS NOT MY SHAME: by Angela Palmer
The Power of Touch: by Ruth Cook
Brianna: by Ashley Taylor
Child: by Linda Whitely
A Part of Me: by Karen Ruttimann
Look, Friend: by M.
    Nothing Stuff: by Patricia Bear Claw
Silent: by Barbara Peer Cavin
Beware the Night: by Alison Black
The Silent Pain: by T.
Evolution: by Francois Crepeau
FREEDOM: by Monica Mitchell
Tomorrow: by Babette Healy
Fountain of Youth: by Derrick Brown
Help the Child Soar: by B.
    No! No! No!: by Maureen McGowen
Strength: by Sheila Pavey
Come Out of Your Shell: by Derrick Brown
Use Your Voice: by Derrick Brown
Child with Vision: by Derrick Brown

A Child: by Babette Healy
Know This Little Girl: by Rachel Jones
HANDS: by Monica Mitchell
Pround Flesh: by Beth Newell
With My Own Hand: by J.
Reflection: by Leanne Gruber
That and More: by Stephen MacDonald
We Belong: by Sharon Jones
Generations: by Mollie Panico
    Gone: by Monica Mitchell
Risk: by Annmarie Ruttimann
Incest: by Ruth Cook
Goodbye: by Gloria Large
Choices: by M.
Change My Ways: by Stephen MacDonald
Awakening: by David Hasbury
After the Flood: by Jackie Turner
Never Too Late to Love: by Francois Crepeau

I am the Light: by Sharon Jones
Compassion in Love: by Francois Crepeau

Moving On: by B
The Hand Says It All: by B
Casting Plaster: by Joanne Monti
In the Workshop: by Joanne Monti

They Did - I Do: by Ruth Cook
Free at Last: by Cherylyn Tanner
The Journey Back: by Marjorie Larrabee
Home at Last: by Marjorie Larrabee
Open Letter: by Marjorie Larrabee

Some Thoughts and Rememberings of My Monument Project Experience: by Barbara Peer Calvin
Reaching Out of My Art: by Patricia Bear Claw
Comfort: by Linda Beaudoin
Flowers: by Leanne Gruber




- Heroes of the Monument
- Facing Challenges
- Participant Journey
- Monument Lessons
- Sue's Experience
- Ruth's Journal
- A Gift for Allies
- Local Sponsors


Dr. Michael Irving led
sculpting and poetry
workshops to create the
materials of the Child
Abuse Survivor
Monument Project.

The sculpted quilt
squares and poetry of
the workshop
participants became the
resource material of the
project's many activities.

The four art and poetry
books linked to from this
web page tell the story
of: the confrontation with
the angst and legacy of
child abuse; the struggle
to find answers and
understanding; the
difficult journey of
healing; the value and
power of connecting with
others; the movement
into healing and
recovery; the freedoms
and victories that are the
rewards of

These books are
presented here to assist
others with understanding
and healing.

We are seeking a
publisher who would
publish these as art and
poetry books. Contact
Dr. Irving at


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Bronze Sculpture, Public Art: The Child Abuse Monument Project, Michael C. Irving, Ph.D., Artistic Director. sculptor/artist