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"HandPrints to Give Kids a Hand"

(PDF version of instructions for printing)

(PDF version of template page for printing)

Sculptor, Dr. Michael C. Irving is asking you to share his vision of "A massive visualization of the world we want for children" by letting your hand join others inside the "Reaching Out Child Abuse Monument."



Dr. Irving and the participants who collaborated with him to sculpt the quilt squares of the "Reaching Out" Monument shared a common desire that the Child Abuse Monument would be an extraordinary force assisting with helping survivors to heal and for the prevention of child abuse.

The sculpture above is the first completed bronze of two figures composing the "Reaching Out" monument vignette. The second figure will take another year to complete after funding is raised for the art foundry process.

Dr. Irving is using the first figure as the centre piece of the "Creating A New Reality" campaign to generate a massive "National Visualization of Healing and Prevention." Dr. Irving is asking people to draw an outline of their hand on a piece of paper and just sign their initials or write a message.

The HandPrint Visualizations can be for:
a.) Prevention of abuse;
b.) Support for survivors or
c.) Story telling and healing for yourself;

We have thousands of these hand drawings now. When both monument figures are done we will place all of the "Creating A New Reality" papers inside the two monument figures. Their energy and messages will serve for centuries as a national visualization creating healing and prevention. protect children.

A large space inside the Monument figures allow for the placement of hand outlines and messages on pieces of paper. People are asked to draw an outline of their hand on a piece of paper (8.5 inches by 11 inches) and write a message on or around the hand outline.

An outline of your hand on a regular piece of paper would be a wonderful contribution towards this visualized intention. Also, ask some of your friends, colleagues or family to make an outline of their hand and send for inclusion as a collective visualization in the monument. Instructions and directions for the "Creating A New Reality" Visualization can be found directly below:

Children at schools, shopping malls, churches and community centres gave Dr. Irving outlines of hands with messages for a collective visualization
of our intention to protect children.



The hand outlines and messages on this web page will be included inside the "Reaching Out" Child Abuse Monument as part of a "National Visualization" healing for survivors and prevention of child abuse".

Will your hand be there along side them?


Child Abuse,
You don't have to worry.
It Stops Now.
Nikko, age 11


Your hand outline and message can join thousands of other Canadians who have contributed to making the "Art" of the Child Abuse Monument.



Don’t abuse your kids.
Stop and give a hand.
Kids have feelings.
Don’t because kids are



I wish for child abuse to stop. I wish for peace.
Aaron, age9



I love being a Kid.
I think child abuse should stop and stop NOW!!!
Kyle, age 8



Why should child abuse happen. We don't want it happening, no one does. So, Don't do it.
Clair, age 11



Keep the peace in your home, school and in your HEART.
Shanese, age 10



Through 2008 until the fall of 2011
we are still accepting hand outlines
for placement inside the "Reaching Out" Child Abuse Monument

To contribute a "Create a New Reality Visualization" for placement inside The "Reaching Out" Child Abuse Monument.

1. Draw an outline of your hand on a piece of 8 1/2 x 11 paper or the back of your printout;

2. On or around the outline of your hand, write or draw message of:
** a .) Prevention of abuse;
** b.) Support for survivors or
** c.) Story telling and healing for yourself;

3. Send your personal "Creating A New Reality" HandPrint for the Child Abuse Monument to:

"Reaching Out" Child Abuse Monument c/o
Dr. Michael C. Irving
274 Rhodes Ave.
Toronto, Ontario
Canada, M4L 3A3

You can also "Create A New Reality" with a donation. You do not need to give a donation to contribute a hand, though your donations are greatly appreciated.

Even donations of $10.00 or $20.00 will help to bring the monument to schools, community centres and events for gather contributions for the "Creating A New Reality" Vision.

Cheques can be made out to The Survivor Monument Project and sent to the address above or donate online directly below.

HandPrint Visualizations

The "HandPrints" of the "Creating A New Reality" Vision can be a simple outline of a hand with an initial or name. If you want you can include a message or images. They serve as a written visualization of our intention to provide healing support for survivors and protection of children. As an extraordinary collective coming together of positive visualizations inside the "Reaching Out" Monument the Hands will be a force for change today and tomorrow.

At schools across the country children drew an outline of their hand and wrote a message.


Messages written on outlines of hands were displayed in shopping malls from the Atlantic to the Pacific. What a powerful "National Visualization".

Throughout 2012 and 2013
Dr. Psychotherapists Dr. Michaeil Irving
and Cheryl Irving are accepting HandPrints
for placement inside the "Reaching Out"
Child Abuse Monument

"Follow Site Web Ring"

Hands for Help


Every hand counts.


We can help too.
Kids helping kids.
Stop the abuse!
A kids hand helping
to stop another kid
from hurting.


All people should be
free from abuse,
like a bird free
from a cage.
Hanna, age 9


Child Abuse, see the light. We will make it. My father was abused and I wasn't: The cycle stopped.
Zachary, age 12


Lend out a hand and
let's stop the abuse!!


Thanks for giving us
a hand.


Every one of us
can make a difference.
We will make it better.


Together we are
stronger than alone.
Bruce, age 5

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