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1998 “Altruism as Personal
Healing Through Social
Action Art”: International
Association for Creative
Expressive Arts, Toronto,
1998 Panel Discussion, Maple
Leaf Gardens, Toronto,
1998 “Creativity, Inspiration
and Passion as Guides to
Success”: King City

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1998 “Developing an Effective Response to Child Abuse through
the Sports Media”:
Toronto, ON
1995 "Sexual Abuse and the Trauma of Birth:
Interrelated Issues" APPAH Conference on Birth and Violence, San Francisco, CA
1994 "Multiple Personality Disorder:Strategies for Front-Line
Department of Social Work, George Brown College, Toronto, ON
1994 "Understanding Ritual Abuse Survivors":
Department of Social Work, George Brown College, Toronto, ON
1993 "Visualization and Art Activity for Accessing and Treating
Ego States": Toronto East Multiple Personality, Therapists Network (TEMPTN), Carriage House Studios, Toronto, ON
1992-1993 "Conflict Resolution Committee:Conflict Resolution
Resource Person":
Alpha School, Toronto, ON
1992 "Suicide, Birth and Ritual Abuse":
Multimedia Presentation and Poetry Reading, Carriage House Studios, Toronto, ON
1992 "Suicidal and Self Destructive Behaviour in Multiple
Personality Disorder as an Outcome of Child Abuse and Prenatal Trauma":
The Union Institute seminar on "Suicide, Psychotherapy, The Arts and Society," Escondido, CA
1991 "Natalistic Therapy: An Overview":
The Pre and Peri-Natal Psychology Association of North America, Fifth International Congress, Atlanta
1991 "The Healing Rose, Poetry Reading":
The Union Institute; Contemporary Poetry Workshop, Colorado Springs, Colorado
1991 "The Use of Art in the Therapy Process:
Practical Approaches for Working with Individuals with Multiple Personality": Paper -- Art Therapy: An Overview, 3rd Annual Forum on Multiple Personality, Toronto, ON
1990 "Natalistic Therapy: Recovering and Resolving Birth and
Prenatal Issues Through Creative Expression":
National Coalition of Arts Therapy Associations Joint Conference, Wash. D.C.
1990 "The Pre and Perinatal Journey:
Images in Art - Conception Through Birth": Obstetrics Update for Family Physicians, Faculty of Medicine, University of Toronto, Toronto, ON
1990 Hosted-Annual General Meeting of Board of Directors
of the Toronto Birth Centre; and Presented on "Natalism in Art, Myth and Ritual": Carriage House Studios, Toronto, ON
1989 "The Dragon as Natalism in Art, Myth and Ritual":
Frontiers and Front Lines of Human Development, University of Massachusetts at Amherst
1989 "The Interrelationship of Birth and Sexual Abuse Issues"
Frontiers and Front Lines of Human Development, University of Mass. at Amherst
1989 "Natalism found in the Archetypical Serpent/Dragon
Jungian Dream Study Group, Toronto, ON
1988 "Primal Regressive Therapies":
Association for Humanistic Psychology
1988 "Natalism: Birth & Creation as Symbolized in Art and
Norwich University, VT
1988 "Birth Symbolism in the Dragon Myth":
Toronto Chapter Pre and Peri-Natal Psychology Association of North America; University of Toronto
1988 "Artistic Expression Through Carving":
Design and Technology Teachers of Ontario, Toronto, ON
1987 "Pre and Peri-Natal Psychology, An Overview":
University of Waterloo
1987 "Birth Issues in the Psychotherapy Setting":
Ann Arbour, Michigan
1987 "Prenatal Parenting & Communication":
Women's College Hospital, Toronto, ON
1987 "Childhood Sexual Abuse Issues in Psychotherapy":
The Graduate Seminar, The Guild Inn, Toronto, ON
1986 Guest Speaker, "Elements in Stone Carving":
Ontario Woodcarvers' Association, Toronto, ON
1986 "The PlayWomb: Parenting & Communication with the
Coming Child":Norwich University, VT
1986 Poetry reading and slide show of sculpture:
Parklawn Public Library, Scarborough Arts Society: Toronto, ON
1986 "Prenatal Bonding":
Bloor Collegiate, Family Studies class, Toronto, ON
1985 The Angel as a Natalism Metaphor:
ADP, Vermont College,

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